Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring the right company for the job, it is very important to not only feel that they are qualified to do the project, but you must also feel comfortable with whom you hire. Any sort of tension during the initial meeting is not a good sign. As well, and most Important is that they are Licensed and Bonded.

We understand that we are in peoples homes and our job is not only to give them a quality workmanship but to preserve their walls, moldings, etc. We have a large list of testimonials from satisfied customers! Erich Muller – All City Hardwood Floors, Inc has been doing business since 1999 – With highly skilled and experienced tradesmen. All City Hardwood Floors, Inc is licensed by the California State License Board and bonded. No hidden fees. Providing detailed and clear estimates and written contracts. Licensed by California State License Board C15 – Flooring and floor covering #833373

The answer is simple, sweep or vacuum your floor about once a week, mop every two-three weeks with a mop of your choice. Then dilute “white vinegar, or ammonia” into a bucket of water. Don’t worry about the ratio, too much or too little won’t harm your floors.

We accept cash, checks, debit cards and major credit cards

Yes we are licensed by the California State License Board license type C15 – Flooring and floor covering state license number #833373 Click Here to Visit the State License Board Website.

Hardwood flooring can be installed any part of  your home, but if you are installing over a concrete slab or in a basement – you may need to install engineered flooring. This is because concrete can be prone to moisture. If you desire solid flooring you must first install a subfloor with moisture proofing. 

We do not recommend any type of hardwood flooring in a full bathroom where water will be splashed or spilled on it. Hardwood or laminate flooring can work well in half-baths where there is no tub/shower or high humidity.

We have more than 20 years of experience working with all types of flooring. Installations – solid pre-finished, engineered, laminate , bamboo, distressed, unfinished solid, cork, peg and groove, patterned floors, inlays and more. Anything related to wood flooring – we do it!

Hardwood flooring is a good investment for the money! They require little maintenance and enhance indoor air quality, hardwood flooring is durable and can add actual value to a home based on these facts. Hardwood floors are in high demand in the Real Estate market also. Home buyers are willing to pay a higher price for homes that contain hardwood floors due to the appeal and shine they add to a home and make decorating a breeze. Having hardwood floors comes with better health benefits as well and can be easily cleaned.





Our installation services include: Removal of old floor (carpet, etc.) glue down installations, nail down installations, sub-floor building, installing over existing sub-floors, installing over concrete slabs.





All City Hardwood Floors can restore your hardwood floors to look like new! We use top quality finishes and restoration products and techniques to ensure you a fabulous floor.





For added stunning beauty All City Hardwood Floors can create a special comfort level just for you. Adding design to an area can create a unique living space within your home or business..


All City Hardwood Floors, Inc. has over 20 Years of professional experience in Hardwood Flooring.


Licensed by The State of California Licensing Board C15 – Flooring and Floor Covering #833373


All City Hardwood Floors, Inc. has a Contractor’s Bond under the state of California as per their requirements