Oak Flooring Benefits

Oak flooring benefits


A beautiful way to bring an attractive appearance and warm look to a room or a house improving the value of the a home –
oak flooring is a wood type that is used for most decors for it’s clean look, roughness, has a color that deepens with age and the fact that it has a high durability resistance to wear and tear.
Because of it’s price and the installation process, oak flooring increases the value of a home making it a good investment and adds warmth and a feeling of sophistication to the house.
Oak floors have a durability that can resist damages and retain it’s beauty for years using minimal maintenance. It is recommended to used pads to protect the friction between furniture and the floor protecting it against scrapes and scuffs. One of the advantages is in the case of a deep scratch or gouge on a board, only damaged one has to be replaced.
Oak flooring is dense and sturdy and an excellent absorbent of shock, has great resistance to loosening and splitting. White oak also has great resistance to fungus, insect activity, moisture and accumulation of water – making it a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Erich Müller
Erich Müller
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