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All City Hardwood Floors is proud to be the floor coating contractor for this beautiful solid maple floor at Fairfax High School  -Solid maple flooring  3/4″ X 21/4 with semi gloss finish and a water based coating.



All City Hardwood Floors can restore your hardwood floors to look like new! We use top quality finishes and restoration products and techniques to ensure you a fabulous floor. Sanding provides a method for smoothing an installed floor, compensating for unevenness of the sub-floor. Additionally, sanding is used to renew the appearance of older floors. Sanding using successively finer grades of sandpaper is required to ensure even stain penetration when stains are used. Custom hardwood colors, finishes and tints, Eco friendly and water based products are some examples of what we work with.


A great floor finish will protect your floor from everyday wear and tear, dirt, moisture and instill color and luster. Surface Finishes may involve applying a stain to reach a particular color, followed by a top coat of polyurethane that will give a protective coat to the floor. Surface finishes are durable. They resist moisture and are easily maintained. Penetrating Stains and Finishes penetrate into the wood and form a seal. The stain soaks in and a Polyurethane coating gives a low gloss satin sheen that can be maintained with an additional thin coat applied. Sheen Finishes are a personal preference. High gloss finishes show scuffs and scratches more readily than semi-gloss or satin finishes. High gloss finishes reflect more light and are typically used in more commercial or contemporary settings, while satin finishes reflect less light and are favored for more traditional settings. High gloss, semi-gloss, satin finishes are in the eyes of the beholder! Choosing the right finish for your hardwood floor will enhance its beauty for many years. Water Based Urethane provides a clear, non-yellowing finish and produces less odors than other choices. This product dries quickly, and clean up is as easy as Vinegar and water. Some manufacturers make available additives called “cross-linkers” that can be mixed into the water-based finishes for added durability. Some polyurethane finishes contain aluminum oxide to enhance the abrasion-resistance qualities of the floor. In manufacturer’s reports, this finish was 10 times more abrasion-resistant than other wood finishes, and are guaranteed for up to 25 years. Acrylic finishes provide an extremely hard, durable barrier to moisture, dirt, wear and tear because the finish is actually forced into the pores of the wood at the factory. Acrylic impregnated floors are among the most expensive and are often used in commercial settings


Joey Brown
Google | All City Hardwood Floors, Inc.
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I really enjoyed working with Erich and his team. We were under a tight timeline and Erich and the crew were flexible with helping schedule some overtime in order for us to his our ambitious timeline. Additionally, the team worked seamlessly through unique parts of our new home (a couple of stairs, re-using some of the trim, switching the direction of the floor based on my feedback, etc). The crew was also very professional when I dropped in to visit the job multiple times throughout the week. Very high quality work for reasonable prices. Erich himself is highly responsive, a good communicator, and was by far the most professional when initially getting quotes. I'll 100% be using this team again should I need anything in the future. My home is 1-story home and the total job was roughly 1450 sq feet. The photos I have included were taken at night.
Debbie Schneider
Google | All City Hardwood Floors, Inc.
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I just had my 17 yr old white oak wood floors refinished and repaired for the first time by Erich’s fantastic team. Between my kids, their friends and our dogs the high traffic areas had so much wear and tear they looked more like they had been used for 25yrs without a refinish. When Erich first came for a consultation, I was asking him about replacing my floors instead of refinishing. They looked that bad. Erich said they were beautiful hardwoods and that i should just refinish. He was right! My floors look amazing! My husband left this project up to me and now he can’t believe that these are the same floors. Erich and his guys are the best!
Ava K. Bittner
Google | All City Hardwood Floors, Inc
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Erich's team was pleasant and worked hard to complete the job within a very limited, short time frame that we had to complete the refinishing of the hardwood floors in a home we just purchased. They did not disappoint as they delivered high quality, professional work. The end result was that the floors looked amazing, beautiful and even better than we expected. I'm so glad we chose All City Hardwood Floors.
Mark Chaisson
Google | All City Hardwood Floors, Inc
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Erich and his team restored the white oak floors on my 1949 house. I thought things would look better, but was really amazed at how great it is. Everybody who sees it now is stunned. Super professional, communicative, and detailed staff. However - here's some important perspective when you are getting quotes and deciding on who to go with. I had one quote coming in at much less than what both All City Hardwood and another company had. It was tempting, but something seemed off, and I went with Erich because of good reviews, interactions, etc. Then I saw how much labor goes into these projects- over 4 full days nonstop, down to planing the floor. Anybody quoting less would have to cut lots of corners to not lose money on the job much less earn anything. I can't really know what would have been the effect of using the other service, but it doesn't add up to what was done here. Anyway, back to the review. I'm a terrible photographer and the baseboards are still ripped out but the floors look 100X better in real life than here.





Our installation services include: Removal of old floor (carpet, etc.), Glue down installations, Nail down installations, Sub-floor building, Installing over existing foundations and Installing over concrete slabs.





All City Hardwood Floors can restore your hardwood floors to look like new! We use top quality finishes and restoration products and techniques to ensure you a fabulous floor.





For added stunning beauty All City Hardwood Floors can create a special comfort level just for you. Adding design to an area can create a unique living space within your home or business..


All City Hardwood Floors, Inc. has over 20 Years of professional experience in Hardwood Flooring.


Licensed by The State of California Licensing Board C15 – Flooring and Floor Covering #833373


All City Hardwood Floors, Inc. has a Contractor’s Bond under the state of California as per their requirements